Pemberton European Auto Repair

Taking care of people with European cars

Are you looking to get your European car fixed? Save yourself a trip to the dealership and visit Silvhorn Automotive!

Our mechanics have a passion for working on German automobiles along with the other European car brands, including; Volkswagen, BMW, Volvo, Audi, Mercedes, Saab, and more.

With over 20 years of experience working on European vehicles, our full-service automotive shop is here to take care of you!

Our auto repair team ensures the customer knows exactly what repairs need immediate attention and which issues can be postponed.

We speak the language

European cars aren’t that much different from Domestic cars. One thing you might not think about as a consumer is that the electronic data from cars’ computers isn’t all in English.

European automotive brands communicate data using a combination of English, Dutch, and/or German. However, this isn’t an issue for us at Silvhorn. Our technicians are fluent in reading the diagnostic scans and data used by European cars.

We’re wired for it

Another difference between European cars and Domestic cars is the wiring. However, once you understand the communication like our technicians do, then they are fairly the same as any other car.

We Use AutoServe & Virtual Vehicle!

Auto Serve 1 LogoSilvhorn Automotive is proud to offer two software applications that make explaining vehicle repairs to customers clear and simple: AutoServe 1 and Virtual Vehicle.


And Speaking of a SWEET European Car! 😉

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As the only auto repair shop in Pemberton and Whistler to use these applications, We can easily explain to customers what is wrong with their vehicle. This allows customers to make sound decisions based on safety, needs, and budget.

The AutoServe 1 software allows us to provide accurate photographs to customers of what’s wrong and where. And if there is a problem with the vehicle that we cannot accurately photograph, Virtual Vehicle is used to illustrate the issue with animations.

These programs help us avoid unpleasant cost surprises and explain to the customer what is wrong and how it can be fixed.