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Looking to upgrade your career?


We’re Looking for a Service Advisor

Our week was great!

Our team was busy, customers were dropping off cars, calling and making appointments. We’ve got more work than we know what to do with.

Our team spent the lunch hour hanging out laughing and telling jokes. Everyone worked well together, and there was no drama (isn’t it weird that “no drama” is a reality these days??)

Would you like to make that your reality?
Do you feel valued and appreciated?
Tired of where you currently are?

We believe that you and your family deserve more than just a paycheck. We believe that you should be able to enjoy your job, enjoy coworkers, and feel like you are making a difference. In short, we feel that you should feel appreciated.

Our busy, full-service automotive shop is hiring.

We are looking for a solid, reliable, and Service Advisor. We offer a family-friendly atmosphere and full benefits for your entire family. You must be mature and looking to grow in your career as a Service Advisor. We run a highly organized operation and don’t like chaos. Chaos costs us money and your money. We strive to make everything as efficient as possible. If you win, we win.

If you’re looking to upgrade your career and feel like what you are doing makes a difference, then give us a call. We are family-owned and operated locally. Our benefits are awesome, and so are our customers. We offer paid training, medical and dental benefits, your own computer, new equipment, and parts at cost.

And a smile every Monday morning, in fact, every day of the week… We guarantee it!

Please reply with your resume or call if you don’t have a resume.

Email, call 604-894-5556, or text to 604-265-5603