Since the mid-’90s, all cars have been equipped with anti-lock brakes. And it’s a good thing because anti-lock brake systems (ABS) can be crucial in bringing your vehicle to a quick stop when needed.

Anti-lock brakes provide a quick pumping action when they sense that your vehicle is slipping or beginning to slip. This immediate pumping action works faster than any human could do and stops your car entirely if you’re in a dangerous situation.

Maintaining your ABS correctly is significant because they are a vital part of your car’s braking system. Also, by checking them regularly, you can prevent expensive problems that may come up in the future.

At Silvhorn Automotive, our mechanics will check the hydraulic side of your breaks and can perform a flush and fill, which should be conducted every 26,000 kilometres. Flush and fills should be performed to keep your brake fluid fresh and prevent your ABS modulator from getting moisture and dirt.

So next time you stop by Silvhorn, ask about performing an ABS check-up. Not only could this save you money down the road, but keeping your ABS maintained and running smoothly can help save you down the road.

ABS Brakes

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