Located in the fuel tank, your fuel pump moves gas from the gasoline tank to the engine. The pump creates the pressure needed to move gas from the fuel lines to the engine.

While your car is running, the fuel pump is in constant motion moving fuel until your vehicle starts to run low on gas.

Once this happens, the flow becomes less constant, and your car starts to act sluggish or stops running altogether.

The most common reason your fuel pump begins to fail is contamination, overheating and the wear and tear it takes over time.

The best thing to do to extend your fuel pump life is not to run your car on low gas. The fuel in your gas tank can overheat or even dry by running on a low tank.

Unfortunately, fuel pumps don’t last forever. The wear and tear of time can cause them to stop working altogether. If this ever happens, the experienced mechanics at Silvhorn Automotive technicians can install a new one for as little money and time spent as possible.

Vehicle Fuel Tank

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