Heavy Duty Equipment Lift

Silvhorn Automotive Announces Addition of New Heavy Duty Hoist:

Owner/Manager Mike Dymus of Silvhorn Automotive in Pemberton is pleased to announce the addition of a brand-new heavy-duty hoist to the shop! The Rotary MACH18 Mobile Lifting System can comfortably handle full-size RVs, as well as commercial vehicles with a weight of up to 72,000 pounds!

A Wireless Hoist Adds Efficiency:

The new hoist has a patented wireless configuration, so there are no cables to drag around the shop. This increased portability ensures added efficiency of service for Silvhorn Automotive’s many valued customers. Vehicles can get serviced faster as the set-up time on a wireless-configured hoist is more efficient and productive. In fact, the new hoist has a set-up time that is 30% faster than other hoists. As a result, customers can get back on the road more quickly.

Heavy Duty HoistNew Hoist is Environmentally-Friendly:

Another reason Silvhorn Automotive invested in the new heavy-duty hoist is its environmentally-friendly features. The MACH18 lift operates on a battery that charges into a 110-volt outlet.

The New Hoist Can Easily Handle Fleets of Vans and Buses:

The new hoist will easily be able to handle medium-duty commercial vehicles, such as transporter vans and passenger buses used by Whistler’s many commercial tour operators.

Full-Size RVs Welcome at Silvhorn:

Silvhorn Automotive also welcomes RVs to the shop, as the new wireless hoist can handle travel trailers, motorhomes, and other full-size recreational vehicles with ease and efficiency.

Automatic Scheduling Takes the Guessing Out of Vehicle Maintenance:

Silvhorn Automotive also utilizes an efficient electronic scheduling system that alerts customers when their vehicle or fleet of vehicles are in need of repair and maintenance! Take the worry and guessing out of the equation. When your vehicle is due for a complete inspection or tune-up, you’ll get an email alerting you to the date and time your maintenance is due, and what services are needed. Leave it to the professionals at Silvhorn Automotive to track what is needed and when. Silvhorn Automotive is dedicated to tailoring a regular maintenance package that fits your needs and budget and can be timed to suit your busy schedule.

Pick-Up and Delivery Service for Whistler Customers!

Silvhorn Automotive is proud to offer a convenient pick-up and delivery service to and from Whistler! This is a must for any commercial operation juggling multiple vehicles, with a need to get vehicles serviced quickly during the busy tourist season.

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