Your vehicle’s suspension keeps your car riding smoothly and keeps your wheels in proper contact with the road which is critical to safe steering and braking.

Properly working shock absorbers also help extend the life of your tires. Silvhorn Automotive’s expert technicians know shock absorbers and struts for everything – cars, vans, SUVs and light trucks – foreign and domestic.

Worn out shock & struts can also increase your braking distance and cause serious problems.

Tests show that when identical vehicles are compared, the braking distance for the vehicle with four new shocks was up to 10 feet less than the braking distance for the identical vehicle with three original equipment shocks and one 50% worn shock. (Actual results may vary depending upon driving ability, conditions, and vehicle type).

Are you looking for high-performance shock absorbers? Silvhorn’s automotive professionals can help with an entire range of suspension needs including coil springs, heavy-duty shock and struts.

Don’t settle for anything less than a smooth and comfortable ride. Visit Silvhorn Automotive today for an inspection of your vehicle’s suspension.

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