Springs are a vital part of the suspension system, without them, you would feel every bump and carry you drove over.

Most vehicles are equipped with coil springs, which are steel bars bent into a flexible coil. The job of coil springs is to absorb the shock forces we encounter when driving over a bump in the road. By compressing and recoiling back and forth, when we drive we feel little movement because the coil springs are doing their job.

When coil springs begin to fail it’s usually caused by constant overloading, excessive use or just a general breakdown of the metal. Springs will also rust out, especially in BC because of your salty roads during the winter.

So how do you know if you should replace or have a problem with your suspension? Faulty shocks can result in excessive “bouncing” or up and down movement or may just feel that your ride has become harder and less forgiving. You may also find it harder to steer or feel like your car pulls you to the left or right.

If you encounter any of these problems make sure to stop by Silvhorn Automotive to have your car checked for any spring related problems.

Car Suspension System

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